A downloadable game for Windows

Space to pass the cinematic

Space to atk

arrows for move

alt+f4 for quit

Install instructions

unzip and play


Builds.zip 12 MB


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Nice graphic there.

Also after the cinematic logo, the screen is just green empty before pressing space. Maybe a notification to press space would be good or maybe auto forward to gameplay.

Couldn't kill the ghost when hurting them. It spawned new ghost instead.

Seems like this is about a demon trying to do a massive ghost multiplication ritual by hurting them.



thx for the return,
baptiste dint get engouth time for code the all gameplay, we was like 1 hour left and not end this part D:
i have taked him so many time for implementation of specific tools like gameboy rendering camera and implementation of tools around my animation pipeline we dont noticied time xD

anyway, we are proud of this game, maybe latter we will end this little project and hope they wil have all the guts for be complete :)

Don't worry, I experienced that too when participating in my early game jam ;).

Good luck for the update ;).